What Makes BrainRx Unique?

BrainRx is revolutionary!❤️It is a cognitive skills training program designed to address various challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, math struggles, and high-functioning autism. BrainRx focuses on enhancing cognitive abilities that are fundamental for learning, academic success and work performance. It is unique because it is targeting the root cause of learning problems but also fantastic in talent development (giftedness). BrainRx programs are backed by more than 35 years of research and have produced incredible results.

BrainRx is actually at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry that we believe is the future of educational services. Our methodology will be key in how the world helps people of all ages. Our program focuses on strengthening cognitive skills like attention, memory, and processing speed to make learning easier and faster.

How Does BrainRx Work?

BrainRx is an intense and personalized cognitive training program that utilizes one-on-one and digital training procedures to target cognitive weaknesses. It develops logic & reasoning, processing speed, memory, attention, visual processing, and auditory processing. The activities are fun, yet challenging. BrainRx targets the root cause of learning disabilities rather than the symptoms.

Who Benefits from BrainRx?

BrainRx can help anyone think faster and more efficiently: children, adults and seniors. Clients we work with gain significant improvements in cognitive skills, which translates into life changing results. Improved skills give BrainRx clients a huge boost in confidence — as well as help them do better academically, athletically, and even socially. Our program benefit many people:

Attention Deficit (ADHD), Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia — We can get significant improvements in skills
Learning Disability — Higher performance is possible
High School Students — Universities look for the best! Expand your choices and opportunities
Professionals — Gain an edge on life’s demands and on your competition
Seniors — Your loved ones will continue to improve their abilities instead of losing them
Traumatic Brain Injury Sufferers — We can improve weakened cognitive skills

Why Choose a BrainRx License?

● Simple Business Model – Low operating costs and membership-style revenue stream
● Hugely Rewarding – Our business changes children’s, adults’ and seniors’ lives
● Low Cost per Center – Small retail premises with minimal build-out
● Huge Potential – Opportunities to open multiple centers
● Parents love BrainRx – Great results, tremendous value, and flexible scheduling
● Strong Consumer Brand – With 35+ years of experience
● Great Licensure Reputation – Top rankings and ratings in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and more
● A Strong Licensee Family – Owners who support and collaborate with each other
● Proven Track Record of Success – 120+ Centers outside the USA

1 in 5 children have learning and attention issues and only a small subset of those children receive specialized instruction or accommodations. Parents are looking for additional support and better results. That’s where we come in!

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Our results are twice as much as tutoring programs can bring.

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